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Why weight gain in pregnancy?, reasons,required essentials nutrients.

Why weight gain in pregnancy?, reasons,required essentials nutrients Weight gain in pregnancy|Recommended weight gain in kg(lb) with BMI(Body Mass Index)|metabolism and recommend intakes of nutrients in pregnancy|pregnancy in obese women|risk of obesity during pregnancy.
Introduction: Enabling pregnant women to meet their nutrient needs has long been a public health priority in the most other countries. This priority is based on evidence that undernutrition prior to and during the period of reproduction can have serious, short- and long-term adverse effects on the mother and child. Programs designed to improve maternal undernutrition are very cost-effective. In wealthier countries there is increasing information about how variability in diet, nutrient metabolism and requirements of individuals affects pregnancy weight gain, the risk of preterm delivery, birth defects, and other pregnancy outcomes. Well-designed studies on undernourished women in developing countries have revealed the…