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What is brain tumor,reason,brain tumor stages,care on symptoms and preventions.

What is brain tumor?reason,brain tumor stages,care on symptoms and preventions.Brain tumor|What is a brain tumor?|reason|Brain tumor stage (4th stage)|Take care on symptoms|Brain tumor prevention Brain tumorTumors are usually associated with cancer, although not every tumor is responsible for the cancer, it is still very malignant. Brain tumor is a very dangerous disease, it does not just affect the brain, but it affects the whole body, because the brain itself operates the whole body. It is very important to identify and treat the symptoms in time.
What is a brain tumor?Brain tumors are formed when cells grow abnormally in the brain. In this, a bunch of cells are formed in a particular part of the brain. It sometimes turns into a cancerous lump, so brain tumors should never be taken lightly.

Reason for brain tumor: Although the exact cause of brain tumor has not yet been ascertained, some reasons are believed to be responsible for it, such as wrong lifestyle, chemical and pollution f…