20 Superfoods that you must need to intake daily.

20 Superfoods that you must need to intake daily.

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What is superfoods?

Superfoods are particular types of food that contain high amounts of phytonutrients, necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Individually, they provide important health benefits, but taken as a whole they become a major defense against the ravages of free radicals, environmental toxins, and heavy-metal contamination. You can find numerous articles on the benefits of foods considered to be “super,” and it seems everyone has their favorites. Twenty foods are almost unanimously found on all the superfood lists. 

20 Superfoods that you must need to intake daily.

20 best effective superfoods:

1.Apples (fight free radicals)
2.Blueberries (most antioxidants ever)
3.Broccoli (helps prevent cancer)
4.Quinoa (the mother grain)
5.Dark chocolate (loves your heart)
6.Sea vegetables (full of minerals)
7.Garlic (nature's antibiotic)
8.Avocados (full of good fat)
9.Parsley (the blood cleanser)
10.Wild salmon (keeps your skin young)
11.Beans (lower cholesterol)
12.Kale (powerhouse of nutrients)
13.Green tea (liquid antioxidants)
14.Pumpkin seeds (help the prostate)
15.Microplants (full of nutrients)
16.Oats (the wonder grain)
17.Sweet potatoes (rich in vitamin A)
18.Walnuts (provide essential fatty acids)
19.Yogurt (replants your intestines)
20.Fermented foods (essential digestive aids)

The Familiar and Not-So-Familiar

The majority of these superfoods should not appear unusual; as a matter of fact, most of you probably eat them on a regular basis. Take apples for instance, a favorite snack loaded with antioxidants that can be eaten plain, with a smear of nut butter, or in an apple crumb pie. Blueberries, on any list of favorites, are low in fat and high in fiber and easy to use in smoothies or smothered in another superfood, probiotic-rich yogurt. Perfect for your digestive system, a plain, tart yogurt can be puréed with the powerful cruciferous super vegetable, broccoli, to make a healthy soup or vegetable dip. Quinoa may be new to you, coming only recently to the United States from the mountains of Peru, but its high protein content makes it a must-have on your shopping list. Can't live without chocolate? Go ahead and enjoy a bite of decadence — the darker the healthier.
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