If you always trying to eat delicious processed food then read these article.

Processed Foods

The processed food is the food which get reprocessed for Preservation.The Oldways Preservation Trust staff also stresses that you should avoid processed foods and select, instead, the whole foods that are complete as nature growthed . Processed grains, veges etc are often decrease of their natural nutrients. Even when vitamins and minerals are added back in later  a process called “enriching,” which means the nutrients lost during refining.
White rice, for example, may cook faster and have a more adaptable taste, but by stripping away the outer bran layer, the rice grains lose much of their beneficial fiber and minerals. As proof, one cup of  rice contains 3.5 grams of fiber. One cup of white rice contains less than one gram. Even enriching white rice doesn't make up the difference in the loss of fiber and minerals.
Another confusing term for consumers is fortifying, and many of today's foods are fortified with added vitamins and minerals. Eg. The milk fortifying during the boiling,also we knows the pastured the packed milk.In which enriching proceeded by these milk get lose minerals,fats.
In Processing or refining plant foods also be found that destroyed the complex plant chemicals know as phytonutrients, or phytochemicals.According to the USDA,  phytonutrient may act as antioxidants, causes cancer cells to die, repair DNA damaged from smoking, and improve the body's immune response. The plants food gets provide fibers minerals also which is good and required for healths.In which contain antioxidant, anti inflammatory, and anticarcinogenic properties. Considering that salicin, extracted from the white willow tree, has long been recognized as a painkille and the basis for today's aspirin, it's easy to understand why unprocessed fruits and vegetables can be your body's best friends.
No its not healthy for your body,probably it has less nutrients than natural foods .It has invite to deficiencies or deceases in body.so try to maintain or control on eating of processed food. Consume it once a week to avoid any harms to body.
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