Follow the healthy nutritions and get the wealthy life must read these article.

Fuel (food) nutritions importance that needs to our body in our day to day basis

As an athlete,sport or other simple life.. your body needs specific macro- and micronutrients to be a well-fuelled, powerful, power machines. But how do you get all those nutrients in your diet, and when should you consume them in relation to your day to day life works ,workout or athletic event? How many calories do you need, and how do you break down all this information into specific meals?its important for healthy & wealthy lifestyle

  1. Fats
  2. Carbohydrates rich
  3. High fibres
  4. Protein rich
1.Fat Conscious
Keeps calories down (fat is very calorie dense) to help prevent weight gain
a)Health fat
b)unwant unfat

2.Carbohydrate Rich
'Carbs' Provides important fuel for endurance and high intensity activities which provides more calories .calories are work as fuel which are burns by our any activities of body

3.High Fibre
Fiber Is ideal for larger meals 3–5 hours before activity
Easily Digestible.
Best for digestion before any works,activities or who has do the gym workout sessions
We designed Feed Your Fitness to be your one-stop nutrition guide for the athlete in you and in your family. In sites , you have access to a wealth of nutritional knowledge.
4.Protein Rich

Important for strength and rebuilding muscle
You can learn the basics of nutrition, and why macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) as well as various micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) are important for every athlete. You can also explore fluids and electrolytes and the role they play in your performance on the field, in the gym, and more
Feed Your Fitness provides specific information on the nutritional needs of both endurance and strength athletes and helps you choose the best foods for the type of sports you and your family members participate in. We help you stock your pantry, select essential cooking tools, and even give you hints on quick-cooking methods and meal assembly. We also provide easy-to-follow information on making real-food portables and homemade sports drinks and smoothies, leaving out all the mystery ingredients from shop-bought options.

A nutritional analysis is included for each recipe, foods so that you can use them to help meet your dietary needs.

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  1. Great Tips you've shared regarding healthy diet plan for heart disease. Actually, a good diet leads for good and healthy life and helps in focusing on our goals easily. i never faced these type of problems but thanks for your valuable tips.


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