Essential compounds nutritions(inorganic) contains that must be required for your body

Deep nutritions of inorganic compounds thats required to our body?

Yes obliviously.basically inorganic compounds nutrition contains:

a)water that must be required to lives

b)minerals matter and salt


Water forms an essential part of all the tissues of the body. It is the solvent and carrier of other substances.basically body required daily minimum 2-4 litre water to hydrated.its good  affects on metabolism process,good for heart always try to well hydrated every time.


According to mr.Duncan ,Mineral matter or Salts, is left as an ash when food is thoroughly burnt. The most important salts are calcium phosphate, carbonate and fluoride, sodium chloride, potassium phosphate and chloride, and compounds of magnesium, iron and silicon.

Mineral matter is quite as necessary for plant as for animal life, and is therefore present in all food, except in the case of some highly-prepared ones, such as sugar, starch and oil. Children require a good
proportion of calcium phosphate for the growth of their bones, whilst adults require less. The outer part of the grain of cereals is the richest in mineral constituents, white flour and rice are deficient. Wheatmeal and oatmeal are especially recommended for the quantity of phosphates and other salts contained in them. Mineral matter is necessary not only for the bones but for every tissue of the body.
When haricots are cooked, the liquid is often thrown away, and the beans served nearly dry, or with parsley or other sauce. Not only is the food less tasty but important saline constituents are lost. The author has made the following experiments:—German whole lentils, Egyptian split red lentils and medium haricot beans were soaked all night (16 hours) in just sufficient cold water to keep them covered. The water was poured off and evaporated, the residue heated in the steam-oven to perfect dryness and weighed. After pouring off the water, the haricots were boiled in more water until thoroughly cooked, the liquid being kept as low as possible. The liquid was poured off as clear as possible, from the haricots, evaporated and dried. The ash was taken in each case, and the alkalinity of the water-soluble ash was calculated as potash (K2O). The quantity of water which could be poured
off was with the German lentils, half as much more than the original weight of the pulse; not quite as much could be poured off the others.

G. Lentils.
E. Lentils.
Proportion of liquid
  • 1.5
  • 1.25
  • 1.20

Soluble dry matter
  • 0.97
  • 3.38
  • 1.43
  • 7.66 per cent.
  • Ash
  • 0.16
  • 0.40
  • 0.28
  • 1.26  "   "

Alkalinity as K2O
  • 0.02
  • 0.082
  • 0.084
  • 0.21  "   "

The loss on soaking in cold water, unless the water is preserved, is seen to be considerable. The split lentils, having had the protecting skin removed, lose most. In every case the ash contained a good deal of phosphate and lime. Potatoes are rich in important potash salts; by boiling a large quantity is lost, by steaming less and by baking in the skins, scarcely any. The flavour is also much better after baking.
The usual addition of common salt (sodium-chloride) to boiled potatoes is no proper substitute for the loss of their natural saline constituents. Natural and properly cooked foods are so rich in sodium chloride and other salts that the addition of common salt is unnecessary. An excess of the latter excites thirst and spoils the natural flavour of the food. It is the custom, especially in restaurants, to add a large quantity of salt to pulse, savoury food, potatoes and soups. Bakers' brown bread is usually very salt, and sometimes white is also. In some persons much salt causes irritation of the skin, and the writer has knowledge of the salt food of vegetarian restaurants causing or increasing dandruff. As a rule, fondness for salt is an acquired taste, and after its discontinuance for a time, food thus flavoured becomes unpalatable.
And its its get essential to body,so try always to keep maintain its.

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